What book is about?

Do you need some real motivation and inspiration ?

We encourage you to carve time to read Bert Ohnemüller’s last book: “LEAD. SPEAK. INSPIRE.”

The three main topics of the book are leadership, cooperation and communication – issues which the author had encountered on his way.

By showing practical tips and authentic examples he invites you to see the world from a different perspective – a world full of opportunities and possibilities.

LEAD hearts - SPEAK the truth - INSPIRE souls.

Author’s words-


I am an incorrigible business romance who dreams of a world where people like to do what they do with passion. A world shaped by cooperation instead of confrontation. I am convinced that such a world can emerge as we begin to listen more deeply to our hearts and trust the wisdom of our inner voice even more.

Nothing outside of ourselves can make us happy forever. And once we realize that we have everything we really need in us and the most precious things in life are free, then we are on the right path to a fulfilling life.

On my way I have repeatedly encountered three topics that are crucial for a lasting and successful corporate and lifestyle: leadership, communication and inspiration. I would like to invite you to see the world through different eyes - a world full of opportunities and possibilities! In addition, I would like to remind you of your uniqueness. Because here lies the key to happiness and the heartbeat to a better life.

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