Land of Men consists of the memoirs of the French aristocrat aviator-writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The stories, which are different episodes from Exupéry’s biography, his friends, deserts, oases, the way of life of nomadic tribes, on the whole represent the author’s reflections on the human destiny, on the mission of man on earth. According to Exupéry, the fate of each person is revealed only on the path of endless self-conquest.

The complete stories are interconnected by a harmonious integrity in content and structure. In different chapters, we come across the same leitmotifs – the philistine and the man under a heavy burden of problems, the dungeon of loneliness and the dear friend who is capable of unprecedented feats, the man standing on the edge of life and death, whose life depends on a thread.

Land of Men was first published in February 1939. On May 25 of the same year, it won Grand Prize for Fiction from the French Academy.

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