Antoine de Saint-Exupery once wrote in one of his letters: “In eternity I will be asked how I’ve used my talent, what I’ve done for human beings…”

If you have read this book, perhaps that means the Little Prince has tamed you, too, that he’s become the child living in your heart, too, who helps you to repent, to purify yourself again and again. Perhaps you have revealed, too, that the spiritual ties are the strongest, that sometimes it is simply enough to take care of a flower to be happy…

In the novel of “The Little Prince”, in this cozy treasury of universal and spiritual values, we find the real beauty and truth, so simple and concealed at the same time. And we realize deep in our souls what this child’s mission was… We see a child who could make water flow in the desert, who loved and devoted himself to all with his entire soul, who understood the language of the heart and who knew the spiritual things.

Saint-Exupery carried his Little Prince with him through all his life, never let him alone at any crossroads of life and lived as the Little Prince did, being ready to give his life for a friend, never placing body higher than soul, loving his homeland, remaining child at heart and dreaming, falling and flying… “The Captain of Birds” was free-minded, indeed. And he flew for the last time, made a slit into the white clouds by his airplane and hovered to the sparkling stars, to the promising unknown…

I don’t think Saint-Ex will be asked many questions in eternity: it is sufficient to see all the hearts he poured with warmness and reminded of the art of loving…


​Shavarsh Karapetyan

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