The book presents papers of the Proceedings of the Conference Evolution of Cosmic Objects through their Physical Activity, dedicated to Viktor Ambartsumian's 100th anniversary, held on 15-18 September 2008 in Yerevan-Byurakan, Armenia. It is divided into 5 parts related to the sessions held during the conference: Stars and Nebulae, Pulsars / Neutron Stars, Activity in Galaxies, Cosmology, Light Scattering and Radiative Transfer, and Miscellanea. All these fields reflect extremely productive results and achievements obtained by Viktor Ambartsumian during his long scientific life. Most of the authors have used Ambartsumian's ideas to obtain new results and give new interpretations on various cosmic phenomena, which come to prove the importance of Ambartsumian's works nowadays too. The book also includes a preface by the editors, the list of participants of the conference, report on the opening session at NAS RA, and author index at the end.


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