The first large collection of Armenian folk fables was compiled and recast by folklore specialist Artashes Nazinyan. This collection by Armen Sargsyan is basically the continuation of Nazinyan's work. The author has compiled the collection from different literary sources published in Armenia and Armenian Diaspora during 19-21st centuries. The major part of the material was selected from folklore and ethnographic collections, the other part was selected from fable section of dialect studies, some part was selected from books about place-names, as well as some private collections.

The collection includes the following types of fables:
a) Classical allegorical fables; the characters of such fables are mostly animals.
b) Short folk tales
c) Fairy-tale fables
d) Satiric fables and tales
​e) Fables with dialogues and proverbs

Compiled by Armen Sargsyan

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